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Back to the Office, Differently.
Suited-Up, but Plastic-Free.

We want to raise awareness of single-use plastic in the fashion aftercare industry.

As we dust off our suits to go back to the office, we want things to change. 

We have a collective responsibility to help accelerate the transition to a greener, plastic-free economy for all.


Every choice we make is a vote we cast.


We, as businesses, institutions, citizens and governments have the power to create

a better, smarter future. It’s time to end disposable culture.

The challenge we face

The fashion aftercare industry sends 36.5 million meters of single-use plastic to landfill.

Every year, in the UK alone!

It's time to change!


Discover new and forgotten textiles that will change fashion as we know it.


Will science manage to clean up our oceans with microbes and bacteria-sized robots?


In conversation with Alexander Nolte and Oliver Spies, Founder of GuppyFriend, the bag that catches microplastics. 


In conversation with Mojca Zupan Founder of PlanetCare, the closed-loop washing machine filter that catches microplastics. 

ethical suits.webp

Discover a curated list of the top ethical brands to buy your suits and office wear from. Back to the office, differently. 


In conversation with Billie Tossoun, Director of Chelsea Green Valet, a leading dry-cleaner in London.

Fashion questions answered

Behaviour change is led
by good design

The key to winning

the future is convenience.

Simplifying our lives at every touchpoint

can make it easier than ever

for customers to say yes!

Plastic in the workplace

Easy ideas to swap common plastic products with stylish and cost effective alternatives.
Coffee cups

7 million takeaway coffee cups a day and just 0.25% of them are recycled. This represents 152000 tonnes of CO2 a year!

work attire

Up to 60% of our clothes worldwide are made with synthetic fibers, which all shade microplastics and pollute our oceans

Food Packaging

In the UK, it’s estimated that consumers who purchase fast-food for lunch generate about 11 billion items of packaging waste a year

_Infographic (4)

In the UK 7.7 billion plastic water bottles are used each year, with the average person in the UK now using 150 plastic water bottles every year


In 2019, domestic transport emitted 122 MtCO2e. Transport accounts for 27% of the UK’s total emissions (455 MtCO2e)

_Infographic (6)

36.5 million meters of single-use plastic garment covers are used in dry-cleaning each year in the UK alone


In conversation with Kelly Moir, Director of Impact and Sustainability in BT Enterprise about the role of corporations in leading the ecological transition.

The URBAG way

How do you drop-off
and pick-up
your dry-cleaning?

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The Plastic way

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Keep Exploring


Can nudging encourage pro-environmental behaviour and decrease behaviour from individuals that have the potential to harm the environment?

children and plastic.png

We have curated a list of books, cartoons and fun activities to introduce the issue of plastic waste and its consequences to our children


Check out these latest innovations created by those who dedicate themselves to developing plastic alternatives.


Get to grips with plastic pollution and the consequences on our environment.

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