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Back to the Office, Differently.
Suited-Up, but Plastic-Free.

We want to raise awareness of single-use plastic in the clothing aftercare industry.

As we dust off our suits to go back to the office, we want things to change. 

We have a collective responsibility to help accelerate the transition to a greener, plastic-free economy for all.

The fashion aftercare industry i.e. laundry and dry-cleaning services, send an estimated 36.5 million meters of single-use plastic garment covers to landfill. Every year. In the UK alone. It's time to change!


Every choice we make is a vote we cast.


We, as businesses, institutions, citizens and governments have the power to create a better, smarter future. It’s time to end disposable culture.

From City to Sea

Our actions here have consequences there. It's time to connect the dots.

Launching soon!

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