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Drawstring Gift Bag

Thanks for your order!

Please send your apron to

URBAG 90A Weir Road

London SW12 0NB

Transform your little one's apron into a beautifully handmade and personalised gift bag.


Multiuse, it's a eco friendly and reusable bag becomes a pleasant part of the gift itself. Also useful for storage, hobby/ crafts, toiletries, pegs etc. 

It can be use again and again for every special occasion, from birthdays to Christmas.

Dimensions (cm): 20.5 (w) incl handles x 18 (h)

Each project is unique so the dimensions may vary slightly.

Please note

You need to specify a colour and a theme for the outer fabric and we will do our very best to match both. Please bear in mind that we might need to do either or option due to fabric availability. 


Apron needed for this project: 1



For each apron, we will:

- reuse as much of the fabric as possible, avoiding the stains.

- reuse the name embroidered

- provide the outer fabric (please specify a prefered colour and theme)


Email us at is you have specific requirements or call us on +44(0)20 3633 8981



You can send us your aprons directly by post. 

We also work with a few Early Years schools. For the children attending schools participating in the initiative, please prepay online and drop the aprons off at the school's reception desk. We will ship them back to you by post, free of charge.



We charge £20 per upcycling project. We use 1 apron per project unless otherwise specify.



Due to the nature of the product, we won't accept any refund, thanks for your understanding.

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