How to use URBAG


Transform URBAG from duffel to garment bag

Grab the handle at the bottom of the bag and pull it out. It's that simple.

Transform URBAG from garment to duffel bag

1- Hold the bag with the hanger opening at the top.


2- Pull the front and back panel away from each other.


3- Grab the short handle at the top of the bag and push the fabric inside, holding the shoulder strap with the other hand. Et voila!


Store your

unwanted hangers


URBAG is a versatile and high capacity duffel bag, perfect to hold a large load of clothes

waiting to be dry-cleaned.


And URBAG is also ideal for packing all the unwanted wire hangers to be returned to the dry cleaner!

Seasonal Storage


URBAG is ideal for storing seasonal coats, suits, dresses and more.


Featuring a full-length side zipper for easy access, a 6” gusset for maximum expansion, and a top opening that fits any hanger or up to 10 wooden hangers.


Whether you’re travelling or at home, URBAG will keep your items safe from critters, dust, and discoloration.

A bit of advise for storing.

Improper storage can result in the deterioration and discoloring of fabrics or prompt the growth of mold, mildew, and more.


Wash items before storing to prevent stains from surfacing and decrease the likelihood of a bug or moth attack!


As tempting as it might be, don't iron clothes that are to be stored and keep them away from starch. Both can weaken the fibres and make them prone to tearing along the creases. And moths love starch!

Moths cannot eat through cotton so store your clothes preferably in a cotton garment bag.


To prevent yellowing, moth breeding, mold, and mildew during long-term storage, do not use plastic, cardboard, drawer liners, and contact paper.


If you use mothballs and cedar bocks/chips, make sure that they are not in contact with your clothes as they tend to transfer oil and stain.

URBAG Seasonal Storage