Our goal is to end single-use plastic in dry cleaning.

By eliminating single-use plastic in an industry rife with excess plastic consumption, we hope to create a new blueprint for businesses and consumers alike.

We are committed to operating an innovative and responsible business to protect the planet and shape a plastic-free future for generations to come.



We fight plastic pollution through innovative product design.

URBAG is a first-to-market product that offers customers a convenient, stylish and zero-waste dry cleaning solution.

Who do we do it for?

We do it for dry cleaners who will soon face new regulations and taxes on single-use plastic and will need to think on their feet to adapt.


We do it for customers, for eco-conscious professionals and families looking for sustainable options to reduce their plastic use.



PLASTIC-FREE:  We minimise the need of single-use plastic in the dry-cleaning industry

ACCOUNTABLE: Our products are solutions-focused, combining style, function and sustainable fabrics with a responsible, ethical supply chain. 

INNOVATIVE: We believe in innovation through good design. We design functional and elegant products that help solve the world’s single-use plastic problem.

DISRUPTIVE: We challenge current industry norms to shape a better future