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URBAG is born of a simple question: 
in the age of innovation and climate change,
why are we still using single-use plastic garment covers?


Walk into any dry cleaner anywhere in the world and not see any single-use plastic garment covers.

To create the world's most sustainable, reusable, fashionable and functional suit bag to put an end to single-use plastic garment covers.



We fight plastic pollution through innovative product design.


URBAG is a first-to-market multi-use suit bag that offers customers a convenient, stylish, zero-waste and luxurious alternative to single-use laundry and dry-cleaning plastic covers.

We create zero-waste luxury for customers and industry leaders.

Using less resources doesn’t mean a product can’t be superbly made and with a luxurious feel. In fact, we’re here to prove it’s the opposite.

By eliminating single-use plastic in an industry rife with excess plastic consumption, we hope to create a new blueprint for businesses and consumers alike.


ACCOUNTABLE: Our products are solutions-focused, combining style, function and sustainable fabrics with a responsible, ethical supply chain.


INSPIRE BEHAVIOUR CHANGE: We model how it looks to adopt a modern, sustainable lifestyle across every aspect of our business in order to inspire others.

INNOVATIVE: We believe in innovation through good design. We create multi-functional and elegant products that break away from common and predecessor design to help solve the world’s single-use plastic problem.

DISRUPTIVE: We challenge current industry norms to shape a better future. No matter if someone else says it can’t be done, we want to put ourselves out there and lead the way to a sustainable future.

MAKE IT LAST: We invest in quality, to last a lifetime.

URBAG's story is defined by a passion for sustainability and innovative design, along with the determination to make a positive impact in the world.

Our founder Marie Callan has spent decades working in sustainability. Read more about how she started URBAG®. 

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