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The URBAG® story is defined by a passion for sustainability and innovative design, along with the determination to make a positive impact in the world.

Founder Marie Callan started her journey into sustainability over 15 years ago working with social enterprises in the UK and overseas.

It became apparent that plastic waste was becoming one of the biggest issues facing humanity. Marie ran a number of charities and start-ups with a focus on eliminating plastic packaging and helping build a better future.

​While the issue of single-use plastic was attracting attention, no one seemed to be addressing plastic waste from dry cleaning.

URBAG® came to life when Marie was on her second maternity leave, after many tried-and-tested prototypes and conversations with industry leaders.

It all started with a passion, and some imagination...

We think that ethical business means good business, which is why we are committed to ensuring that everyone in our value chain is treated fairly and with respect.

Our first collection was designed in London and handcrafted in the UK by social enterprises who provide fair pay, training and new employment opportunities to women facing marginalisation and long-term unemployment.



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We care about the environment. We have always been passionate about working with natural and recycled materials, ensuring full traceability and using sustainable methods of production.

Our choice of materials has shaped our first collection and brings stylish, eco-friendly alternatives to the dry-cleaning market.

By using reclaimed plastic bottles (recycled PET) and organic cotton, we help remove plastic waste that is inundating our waterways and clogging up landfill.




URBAG® is a unique innovation protected by intellectual property rights and registered design with UKIPO & EUIPO.



URBAG® combines timeless design with convenience and ease of use for both customers and dry cleaners.



Fabrice MAHE

Fabrice has more than 20 years’ experience as an entrepreneur and senior executive driving profitability and success. As a member of various boards, he also mentors young entrepreneurs across the globe.

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Marie-Laure GEOFFROY

Marie-Laure is a finance professional who started her career auditing companies within EY France. After 12 years, Marie moved to London as the Director of Finance for a hospitality group and is now a partner at a London-based accounting firm.