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It all started with a passion, and some imagination...

Hello! I'm Marie Callan.

The URBAG® story is defined by my passion for sustainability and innovative design, along with the determination to make a positive impact in the world.

I have spent decades working in sustainability. From social enterprise and charity work to fostering discussions with industry leaders at the Financial Times, I have found the plastic problem never goes away.


While the issue of single-use plastic was attracting attention, no one seemed to be addressing plastic waste from clothing aftercare services. 


It’s this passion, experience, and conversations with industry experts that led me to do something positive.

The result? An ethically-manufactured suit carrier bag that’s forward thinking, superbly made and lasts a lifetime.


URBAG® is a British brand pioneering sustainability in the clothing aftercare industry.

Driven by a strong environmental spirit and desire for innovation and circularity, URBAG® is a social enterprise on a mission to rid the world of single-use plastic garment covers with a smarter, more luxurious, reusable, and sustainable alternative.


By eliminating single-use plastic in an industry rife with excess plastic consumption, we hope to create a new blueprint for businesses and consumers alike.


URBAG® is designed and crafted by hand in the UK.

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