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Let's make the dry cleaning industry as plastic-free as it can be!

The dry cleaning industry is changing, with “greener,” less toxic cleaning solutions for your clothes and dry cleaners looking to minimise plastic use.

URBAG can help: dry cleaners who support the URBAG initiative eliminate the need for individual plastic sheeting to send clothes home in, helping to cut waste and encourage reuse.

Aviad Reed runs Droplet, a London-based dry cleaning service with locations from Clapham Junction to Bloomsbury.

Droplet is committed to eco-friendly practices, using biodegradable products and recyclable packaging. Droplet has been a supporter of the URBAG initiative since our earliest days. Find Droplet on Instagram @joindroplet

We chatted to Aviad from Droplet about how URBAG is changing the dry cleaning experience, and what his customers think of the innovative product.

Eco-friendly dry cleaner; plastic-free; zero-waste; URBAG Official
Meet Aviad, Owner of Droplet UK

Q. What made you decide to trial URBAG in your dry cleaning locations?

A. Once I heard the idea for URBAG, I immediately thought that this was what needed to be done to change the industry. The idea was great and was long overdue.

When I learned it was coming from outside the dry cleaning industry, I was even more intrigued. At Droplet, we believe that the dry cleaning industry needs shaking up and new fresh ideas, from design to new products.

eco-friendly dry cleaner, plastic free, URBAG official
Droplet, Clapham Junction SW12

"The dry cleaning industry needs shakers and new fresh ideas from design to new products."

Q. How has the customer response been?

A. They love it. It’s all about product awareness and education, and our customers love the design, the bag itself and the whole idea behind it.

Q. Will the future of dry cleaning be plastic-free?

A. We are all trying to make this planet we live in a better place. The shift in the world’s culture will push even those who are not strong believers to change and make the dry cleaning industry as plastic-free as it can be. Sadly, the industry has been behind in these changes for years, and now we must catch up.

"A plastic-free option will be a requirement from our customers, and as well as from more and more dry cleaners."

Q. What would you say to other dry cleaners thinking of joining?

A. You snooze, you lose! Before they know it, offering a plastic-free option will be a requirement from our customers, as well as from more and more dry cleaners and regulators. We have a responsibility to educate and make the world a better place and with URBAG we have a chance to do that.

About Droplet:

Droplet combines exceptional dry cleaning care and service with attention to the tiniest detail. We take state-of-the-art machinery and combine it with high quality finishing techniques to ensure our service is always of the best quality.

Follow Droplet on their instagram @joindroplet

About URBAG:

We are a young start-up with big ambition. We want to shake up the dry-cleaning industry and eliminate the unnecessary use of plastic.

Driven by a strong environmental spirit and desire for circularity, URBAG brings stylish, functional and zero-waste alternatives to the dry-cleaning market.

Changing our world, one dry cleaner at a time.

Follow URBAG on our instagram @urbagofficial

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