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Ethical Christmas Gift for Life ideas for 2021

Husband, son, brother, boyfriend, dad...It can be tricky to shop for men and find a gift that they will actually use, especially if he's the kind of guy who already has everything!

We have curated a list of ethical and beautiful gifts that they will love and use.

1- Weekend Bag from Elvis & Kresse

Hopefully, we will be able to organise more weekends away in 2022, so it might be time to get geared up for it. British brand Elvis & Kresse rescues damaged decommissioned hoses from the London Fire Brigade to transform them into luxury lifestyle accessories, and donate 50% of profits back to charities. The weekend bag from Elvis and Kresse is handmade from genuine decommissioned fire-hose and the lining is made from material rescued from Burberry's Yorkshire workshop and military-grade parachute silk. Each bag is totally unique so no two are the same.

2- Men's Recycled Organic Cotton Jumper from Rapanui

A plain grey soft sweater is always a safe bet. Rapanui is a leading brand in the fashion circular economy. They manufacture new products from the material they recover. Each of their items can be returned to them and remade again and again. Made from 50% post-consumer remanufactured organic cotton / 50% organic cotton. Price

3- A minimalist wallet from The Ridge

Most men in your life will have been annoyed with their overstuffed wallet in their front or back pocket. Any time they sit down to dinner, or at a bar, a movie, or their office chair, they have to take their wallet out and do something with it.

The Ridge redefines the everyday essentials with minimalist designs that don’t sacrifice function. Their design aims to eliminate excess and turn the items you carry everyday into tools for better living. We love their minimalist wallet, compact and lightweight with a lifetime warranty.

4- URBAG, from URBAG

This is a sustainable luxury accessory that will put him ahead of the pack. Made from recycled plastic bottles and organic cotton, URBAG® is a multi-purpose clothes carrier he can use again and again. Designed to make going to the dry cleaner easier, more convenient & zero-waste, its unique design makes it a very smart and unique gift for life.

5- A bottle of Gin from Green Room Distillery

Why not get him a unique, premium batch of spirits from a small local distillery? Started by two friends during the 2020 lockdown in London, Green Room has already been awarded with a Bronze medal at the International Spirits Challenge 2021 and offers a premium, small batch of gin and vodka. If you are local or stopping by South London, you can also take part in their closed door N9 Supper club and have a private visit to the distillery before enjoying a delicious dinner cooked by Bacchus & Brodie Chef, Josh Dallaway.

6- Recycled Half-Zip Fleece Jacket from Arket

Sustainable fashion is still predominantly led by women fashion, so when we see a great ethical menswear brand, we love to share the news!

Arket provides a great selection of basic menswear. Arket is on a mission to democratise quality and make sustainable design accessible to more people. Their supply chain is very transparent, from the materials they use to the factory the garments are made from.

Their Half-Zip Fleece Jacket is made from recycled polyester and is a sure thing for any man. Great everyday jacket, you can't go wrong here.

7- A denim shirt from Nudie Jeans

Swedish Nudie Jeans has been recognized for their work with sustainability, both environmental and social. With a denim selection made from 100% organic cotton and transparent production, Nudie Jeans Co is in the fore edge and has taken a prominent role in the industry’s work for a more sustainable existence.

We love their Jonas Dry Rustic Selvage denim shirt with their signature pocket shape and metal snap buttons. It is made from Italian selvage denim with a rustic touch to it.

8- Car Fragrance Diffuser from L’Original.

If your loved one has a car, then this could be a perfect gift. Sleek and refined, it is made using the latest in high-tech aluminium alloy.

Their capsules are cleverly designed to slowly release the fragrance while their twist-lock mechanism allows for simple but functional interchangeability between scents.

Made from high-end natural perfumes and fragrances, we love the Leather and Sandalwood scent.

9- A jacket from Frahm.

Frahm is a British brand we love, and it has a very touching story behind it. If you haven't yet been introduced to them, we will highly recommend your visit their website. It's a brand designed by men for men, cut for real men's bodies and action, as they say. They are a small brand that will take pre-orders against a 20% discount. Otherwise, you can still grab some great pieces still available on their website. Men's mental health is a cause very closed to the founder's heart, so Frahm donates £10 to Mind for every jacket bought.

We like the Corduroy jacket, made with British Courtney's corozo nut buttons & soft blue Chambray lining in key areas, making this a purely natural, vegan and biodegradable jacket.

10- Cashmere wool scarf from Asket.

The ultimate winter gift! A man will always need a beautiful and soft scarf. Made from recycled cashmere (post consumer, old garments) and recycled merino wool (pre consumer, off cuts and production waste), this scarf combines luxurious warmth with incomparable softness.

We love Asket for their transparency. For every item, you can see a full breakdown on their cost and an overview of their traceability and impact.

Each piece will stand the test of time, both in craftmanship and design.

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