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Reinventing Your Wardrobe. How to Create a Sustainable Wardrobe.

In the UK, we send 459 full Olympic-sized swimming pools worth of clothes to charity or clothes collection services.

10,000 pieces of clothing are being thrown out to landfills every 5 minutes, mainly due to the trend of fast fashion. This is equal to £140 million each year!

Creating a sustainable wardrobe requires a bit of imagination, a lot of know-how, or simply finding a good tailor. URBAG® went on a discovery journey to learn how to tweak, upcycle, or mend our clothes, or simply have the convenience to call a trusted tailor, without compromising style and quality.

When something rips or a heel breaks, don't throw it away. Learn how to repair your clothes and accessories – or pay a professional to do it.



At URBAG®, we love tech enable solutions that make our life easier and more convenient. So we love Sojo!

Created by recent Kings College university graduate, Josephine Philips, Sojo is the Deliveroo for tailors that makes altering and repairing easier than ever for the Gen Z, and all the others!

The app allows customers to get their clothes repaired or altered by their local tailoring businesses with a door-to-door bicycle service. Their service is currently available only in London.

The Seam

The Seam is a clothing repair and customisations on your doorstep. Very similar to Sojo, you can browse and book specialist makers in your neighborhood, with the advantage of also providing an at-home service to take measurements for all your alterations.


Della Yellow

This is such a brilliant idea, we are big fans.

They jazz your clothes up by providing complete bespoke commissions on your existing wardrobe, so you can wear something nobody else has. They use select rescued vintage fabrics, and high-quality curated collections of limited edition pieces.


Founded by Tabby Bunyan, Re_considered was created to tackle fashion waste and reinvent your clothes. You send your once loved clothes to her and she will work her magic to create bespoke pieces out of it, and send them back to you. Through upcycling your pre-loved clothes, you create a beautiful story.

We love that concept and the easy-to-use service they offer. Bring your no-longer-used clothing items to be transformed!Use it as an excuse to create something new.


If you have a sewing machine and the patience and motivation to learn how to sew, then you can tag along a few easy-to-access courses across London. There is nothing more satisfying than to be able to mend your clothes yourself!

The Fashion School

Created by Caroline Gration, they teach innovative fashion, design and sewing to children from 6+, teens and adults at two creative fashion hubs with the aim to promote a healthy attitude towards fashion and individuality.

They offer fun after school and weekend classes for children and teens at all levels, exciting half term and holiday workshops, fashion trips, luxe fashion workshops for grown-ups, and creative birthday parties for children.

You can find them in London and in Brighton.

Sew it with Love

We tried it, and we loved it.

Based in the heart of Waterloo London, Rehana and her team offer small and friendly sewing courses and dressmaking classes as well as 1-to-1 tuition for different levels and abilities. They are super friendly and have a very easy-to-understand teaching approach.

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