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Sustainable Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Let's face it, most Secret Santa gifts that aren't chocolate or money end up in the junk drawer or directly in the rubbish bin i.e. landfill - remember the Santa Wine Glass with Santa socks in it you got last year!?

Managers in the workplace really need to stop encouraging high consumerism practices and turn the wasteful Secret Santa tradition into a meaningful and thoughtful Secret Santa tradition, without breaking the bank.

So here are some ideas and food for thoughts for your Secret Santa listed by theme and for budget between £5 and £20.


1.1. DO/Earth/ Healing Strategies for Humankind, Tamsin Omond (£8.99)

We are big fan of The Do Book Company. They publish inspirational pocket guides to help creative entrepreneurs, makers and doers work smarter and create positive change.

This book is about healing our relationships with nature, each other and ourselves; and feeling inspired about what the next phase of human evolution might be. With practical guidance and gentle encouragement, Do Earth provides a blueprint for reimagining the world and reviving our beautiful planet.

1.2. The Climate Book, Greta Thunberg (£12.50)

Greta Thunberg has gathered the wisdom of over one hundred experts - geophysicists, oceanographers and meteorologists; engineers, economists and mathematicians; historians, philosophers and indigenous leaders - to equip us all with the knowledge we need to combat climate disaster.

1.3. Let My People Go Surfing, Yvon Chouinard (£20)

The Education of a Reluctant Businessman is a memoir and business book written by the founder of the outdoor apparel company Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard. In the book, Chouinard explains how Patagonia became the successful, environmentally conscious business it is known as.


2.1. Toast Ale (from £18)

They use surplus bread to replace barley , they use less land, water and energy, and avoid carbon emission.

They give all profits to charity, not shareholders, providing funds to help change the food system.

2.2 Sea Change Prosecco (£13.49)

Multi award winner winemaker family wine business founded by Toby and Bill over 15 years ago

With the removal of the unnecessary plastic wrap around the cork, the use of renewable plant-based closures and the paper for the labels coming from certified sustainable forests and made partially from grape waste, combined with a donation to marine charities from every bottle sold we think choosing Sea Change does make a difference.

2.3 Refuge Chocolate (from £3.50)

Every purchase supports survivors of human trafficking in Northern Ireland and uses the best ethically-sourced ingredients.

Because doing the right things tastes even better!


3.1. Cycle of good (from £10)

They lift people out of poverty by providing employement.

They currently employ 33 Malawian tailors full time who earn a good wage and can support their families, without any charity donations or handouts.

They recycle inner tube, saving waste from

landfill and re-purposing it into useful items that will last a lifetime. You will found all sort of accessories accessories, from wallet to tool bag and sunglasses case.

3.2. URBAG® (£5)

Sustainable fashion is a huge topic at the moment, and URBAG® is one of the British brands leading the way to make the clothing aftercare industry plastic-free.

Driven by a strong environmental spirit and desire for innovation and circularity, URBAG® upcycle all their fabric offcuts to transform them into beautiful lavender sachets.

They add a delicate fragance to your wardrobe and are the best moths repellent!


4.1. A collapsible coffee cup from Stojo (from £9.99 in Robert Dyas)

We are huge fans of reusable coffee mugs. It's important to make the change to reusables easy and convenient. And we have to say that we are big fans of Stojo.

Everything about the collapsible travel cup is simply convenient and the silicone cups are meant to last a lifetime.

Collapse it when you're done drinking your coffee or tea. It doesn't leak (tested over 5 years!) so you can put it in your pocket or handbag until next time. Not more cumbersome, breakable coffee cups!

4.2. Shopping bag (from £3.99)

They also come handy. Again, make it easy and convenient to keep a bag in your pocket or handbag so you can swing by the grocery shop whenever and wherever.

They are readibly available, we like the more classic look of the navy blue - we love navy blue!Discreet and classy.

4.3. Cotton Gift Bag (from £13)

Consumers in the UK use 227,000 miles of wrapping paper each year!

These cotton gift bags are made with organic cotton, they are entirely plastic-free and can be reused again and again.

Pass the parcel!


This is by far our favorite Secret Santa Gift. There is nothing more important than to help others. We think that your work colleagues will truly be grateful to you for having donated to a great cause rather than receiving a gift they might not use.

5.1. Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (donation from £5)

The last few Christmas were so though on sick children and their families who couldn't be together to celebrate Christmas.

The Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children does an amazing job, and as a community, we would never be thankful enough to those caring for our children.

Donate now!

5.2. Shelter (Donation from £5)

We all know how difficult times can be at the moment, many families need help.

This is a great cause to support, more important than ever today with the cost of living crisis.

You can donate as little as £5, every little helps!

5.3. Age UK (Donation from £5)

Too many older people are living in poverty or just above the poverty line. Too many find themselves without the care and support they desperately need. Too many have no one to turn to.

Many were isolated and alone for the last 3 years. In the UK they help millions of people every year, providing support, companionship and advice. They are a strong voice, campaigning with and for older people to champion their rights, needs and wishes.

They will fight for you tomorrow, so donate today!

But ultimately, remember...It's the togetherness that counts.

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