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Top 10 ethical suits brands

Did you know that we will create 148 tons of fashion waste by the year 2030?

Why do ethical fashion brands matter? Fashion brands matter because they promote and embed ecology, consciousness, diversity, inclusion, well-being, respect, honesty, authenticity & self-esteem in their value chain.

Every man and woman's closet deserves to feature well made, long-lasting clothing.

We've curated a list of our top 10 ethical suit brands. Buy less, choose better.

1- King and Allen

King & Allen's Vegan Tailoring offers made-to-order, two-piece and vegan suits to clients around the world.

King and Allen make 100% vegan suits using bamboo, vegan pocket squares, and also use eco-cloth made from recycled bottles .

2- Mila.vert

A Slovenia-based brand, Mila.vert has designed a stunning ethical collection for women smart casual and office wear. The brand selects their materials only from sustainable sourced and their supply chain is fully transparent.

We love the very personal touch they offer to customers by offering the assistance of a stylist and custom-fit orders.

3- Knowledge Cotton Apparel

If you are looking for a well made, comfortable and stylish coat, then head to Knowledge Cotton Apparel.

Founder & CEO Mads Mørup acknowledges a responsibility for the environment, the cotton farmers and the people working in the textile factories.

The brand boosts a curated selection of stylish coats and jackets made from recycled pre-consumer wool, recycled pre-consumer polyester and recycled post-consumer polyester.

All of this without compromising on style.

4- Arthur and Henry

This is the website to find beautifully made shirts, designed to be live in and to last.

Founded on the belief that all great men need a good shirt, and that means good in every sense - good design, good for the environment, and good for the people who’ve had a hand in making them, from farmer to factory worker, weaver to dyer.

Their shirts are exclusively made from 100% organic cotton, and are certified by Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code and Global Organic Textile Standard.

5- Stella McCartney

Pioneer of ethical and sustainability in the luxury fashion world, a piece from Stella McCartney is a must have in your wardrobe, if you can afford it.

Stella follows the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, builds open and collaborative relationships with our suppliers and sources her materials and products through a carefully selected network of global suppliers, many of which have worked with her since the brand was founded in 2001.

You are pretty much guaranteed to have a stylish and made to last stunning piece of clothing.

6- Charles Tyrwhitt

If you're looking to make greener style choices, linen clothing is a good place to start. This all-natural fabric is woven from the fibres of Linum usitatissimum, more commonly known as flax. We love their linen collection, perfect for our return to the office in the summer months. Lightweight, breathable, and never out of style: linen delivers relaxed refinement and is the perfect fabric for summer.

7-Lora Gene

Lora GENE is a lifestyle concept combining womanhood and community.

Lora Nikolaeva started Lora Gene, led by a desire to improve the lives of the women behind the brand that make the clothes and the women that wear the clothing too.

They have designed a collection for smart casual and work wear, made from sustainable fabrics and use silk which is primarily sourced from surplus or dead stock fabrics within the EEA and the UK.

8- Aspiga

Aspiga works with small family-run businesses that meet labor standards and environmental ethics. In fact, Aspiga started working with two small family-run businesses, who met all their criteria on labour standards, health and safety, the environment and business ethics. And they still work with the same two suppliers today!

We love their vibrant collection, which also offer suits made from organic cotton.

9- Saint and Sofia

We love that brand and the way they present their collection. Each campaign is a theme, such as Business on Top for example. They will take you on a journey to introduce you to their collection, and how to style it. Brilliant.

Their sustainability ethos is also an important point. They only work with organic cotton. They have kept their manufacturing factories and fulfilment centres in Europe to minimise transportation, and they don't use any single-use plastics in any of their packaging.

10- Hangrr

Last but not least of our selection, Hangrr. If you want a new-age, AI led luxury custom-made suit, then head to their website.

They work with natural fabrics from cotton to linen or 100% wool. They have a great ethical manufacturing policy, and their artisans and designers make 2x more than the local averages as they want to build a sustainable & inclusive platform for excellence.

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