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For the sporty with a stylish flare, the URBAG® Lee is a versatile, high capacity and reusable garment bag which doubles up as a duffel, offering you a zero-waste and stylish  alternative to single-use plastic dry-cleaning garment covers, and a perfect clothes storage for the home.

Use it anywhere and everywhere – as a dry-cleaning duffel and garment bag, as a travel bag, suit bag, or as a hanging garment bag for seasonal items, coats, suits or cocktail and evening dresses.


Because your clothes deserve better than plastic.

Because you deserve better than plastic.


Make it unique, and add embroidery for only £10


Registered British and European Design Patent: 6081619 and 008282099-0001


    • Lightweight (600g)
    • Weather-proof (eco weather-proof finish)
    • Dust-proof
    • Wrinkle-proof
    • Insects prevention
    • Breathable
    • Washable (Short cycle, cold water)
    • Shaped at both ends with webbing carry handles
    • Long shoulder webbing strap for duffel mode


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