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For the style heroes and the motorbikers, nothing will match your personalisties more than the URBAG®  McQueen.


Like Steve McQueen famously said: 'Sometimes you have to say goodbye to the things you know and hello to the things you don't'.


Versatile, high capacity and reusable, this suit bag doubles up as a tote bag, offering you a multifunctional design and a zero-waste stylish alternative to single-use plastic dry-cleaning garment covers when you need to drop off and collect your shirts and suits at the dry-cleaner


Boosting a long crossbody strap, the URBAG is easy to carry, even on a mortorbike!


Use it anywhere and everywhere – as a dry-cleaning duffel and garment bag, as a travel bag, suit bag, or as a hanging garment bag for seasonal items, coats, suits, or cocktail and evening dresses.


Make it unique, and add embroidery for only £10


Registered British and European Design Patent: 6081619 and 008282099-0001


    • Lightweight (600g)
    • Weather-proof (eco weather-proof finish)
    • Dust-proof
    • Wrinkle-proof
    • Insects prevention
    • Breathable
    • Washable (Short cycle, cold water)
    • Shaped at both ends with webbing carry handles
    • Long shoulder webbing strap for duffel mode


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