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The best clothes are the ones you already owned, so you have to take care of them!


Fast fashion fails to educate consumers on garment aftercare. Understanding what we’re actually buying, and therefore how to care for it is essential if we want to address fashion waste in the future.


This is why URBAG® has launched a Repair Kit with everything that you actually need and need to know to do some essential repairs on your clothes.


Each kit contains:

- 1x Trimming Scissors

- 4x Safety Pins

- 6x sewing needles of different sizes

- 1x needle threader

- 1x unpicker

- 1x Roll of Polyester Thread (Black or White)

- 1x One Meter of Cotton Thread

- 1x Tape Measure

- 1x Roll of Hemming Tape

- 1 x Stabilizer Sheet

- 2x buttons

- 1x Toolkit: Hand sewing, the Basics with illustrations and explanations of the 5 top hand stitches to know: running stitch, back stitch, ladder stitch, catch stitch, and how to sew buttons.


Reimagine your Wardrobe with URBAG®




Repair Kit

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