This light and trendy 3-in-1 bag, made from organic cotton and plastic bottles rescued from landfill, is the perfect solution for all your dry-cleaning needs, while eliminating unnecessary plastic.


Its unique design makes it easy at home to fit a large load of clothes that need to be dry cleaned. Then just grab the bag when you need to bring your clothes to the dry cleaner, and leave everything on-site.


The duffel bag unfolds into a garment bag by pulling a handle from the inside. The dry cleaner will keep it and give it back to you with your freshly cleaned clothes in it. Then you just need to take everything back home!


No need of plastic bag to carry your clothes to the dry cleaner.

No need of dry cleaning plastic garment bag to cover your clothes.

No need of dry cleaning plastic bag to carry your clothes back home.

So long, plastic!


It also can be used as a high capacity tote bag for your travels and as a seasonal storage garment bag for your clothes.


Designed in London and hancrafted in the UK.

URBAG Royal Blue

SKU: 5065002819079
  • Features

    • Multi-use
    • Lightweight
    • Fabric made of 65% recycled plastic bottles and 35% Organic cotton
    • High quality long zip #3 on the side for easy opening
    • Metal zip heads 
    • Recycled polyester webbing straps
    • Weather-proof
    • Dust-proof
    • Wrinkle-proof
    • Insects prevention
    • Breathable
    • Dimensions as a laundry/duffel bag: Heigth 48cm; Width 56cm ; Gusset and base: 15cm
    • Dimensions as a garment bag: Length 105cm; Width 56cm; Gusset 15cm

    Designed in London and handmade in the UK by a wonderful social enterprise who provides production services, learning and development of skills within the fashion and textiles industry in the UK.

    Care instructions: Wash inside out in cold water, short wash cycle. Do not tumble dry. Hang to dry.

    You can use it with any dry cleaner. If they aren’t yet familiar with this initiative, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to have a chat to them and enrol them for free in our network.